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Behavioral Consultations:

Is your pet displaying any problematic, frustrating or abnormal behaviors? Patience and consistency are key when trying to correct behavioral issues, and most problems can be overcome with the right guidance. If your pet exhibits an undesirable behavior please schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Some behaviors may be a sign of a serious illness, if it is not illness related it is easier to correct early on in the process. Our Veterinarians can also help provide suggestions to help prevent problematic behaviors from starting, ask our team about enrichment!

Basset Hound dog looking up with a guilt

Enrichment Consultations:

The Warm & Fuzzy Veterinary Team takes a proactive approach to problem solving. We think that it is very important to engage your pets mind, regardless of the species!  A happy, entertained animal is a better behaved and healthier animal. We would be happy to provide you with guidance on how to enrich your pets environment! Contact our team today and we can help you make an enrichment plan for your pet.

female ferret in front of white backgrou
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